Publications: Yearbook

Yearbook offers a new challenge.

Though I have taught design, writing & editing, and electronic publishing for years, taking on volume 64 of the Penn Bittersweet Yearbook is a new endeavor for me. I volunteered for it when my predecessor informed me of her impending departure, and I have worked hard with scholastic writers, editors, graphic artists, and designers to hone the best possible product that will live up to the legacy of sixty-three years of publishing excellence.

About ten years ago, PNN interviewed the editor of Penn’s first yearbook, Donny Henderson. Tradition is not lost on us.
One spread at a time we are working on v. 64. Each spread is turned into me two or more times for direct feedback.
Yearbook staffers work on their spreads during class and after school three days a week in one of the clubs I advise, The Penn Publications Union.

Everyday, we are telling the stories of Penn High School.

Kevin McNulty

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