Here is a collection of writing I have published over the years.  As a secondary teacher of writing, I write everyday for students in my classroom. If you would like me to put my writing to work for you, please contact me.  Thank you. -Kevin

Placement: a Fundamental Consideration in Supporting the Whole Teacher

In the spring of 2019, Indiana House Bill 1002 Career and Technical Education outlined how teachers would need to complete an “externship” of fifteen workforce hours in the community where they teach to renew their license, starting in July that same year. Through the Saint Joseph County Chamber, I obtained an externship at WNIT Public Television Studios. This article and this film came out of that experience.

Viewpoint: Free Summer Travel Program a Great Opportunity for Michiana Youth

Viewpoint article in the South Bend Tribune, June, 19, 2019.

I started riding the bus for my daily commute a few years ago, and since then, I have seen an increase in youth ridership. In this opinon piece for the South Bend Tribune, I write about public transportation in South Bend and Mishawaka. Since it was published, both Mishawaka and Southe Bend School Corporations have signed deals with Transpo to offer free bus rides for students throughout the year.


Maintaining a Rapid Cadence in the 2015 Hilly Hundred


In this “Field Trip,” I return to the halcyon days of college to recall a concept I still employ today, in cycling and in life.  Bloomington, Indiana is where I first took up the “skinny bike,” and it is a lovely place to visit any time of year.


Unsung Kenyan Hero: Njaaga Karanja, a Documentary

On June 17th., 2015, Kevin McNulty & Joseph Karanja presented their work in the country Kenya.

On June 17th., 2015, my project partner, Joseph Karanja & I presented our initial film about our travels to Kenya. In the Colfax Auditorium of the Saint Joseph County Library, we talked about the many stories we heard about the Mau-Mau Revolt of the 1950s.  That uprising preceded Kenyan Independence which was achieved in 1963.  This trip & all the work surrounding it is made possible by the Lilly Foundation and the Teacher Creativity Grant we received to travel to Kenya and make this documentary.

Lilly Foundation Teacher Creativity Grant Proposal


In order to travel to Kenya to make the above documentary, Joseph Karanja and I wrote a grant application for a Teacher Creativity grant offered every year by the Eli Lilly Foundation in Indianapolis. I had tried for the grant twice before, so I guess the third time was the charm. Additionally, I published my first follow-up report to the Lilly Foundation upon returning to the states and resuming my work in the classroom.

National Science Foundation Grant to Fund


In 2010 I partnered with Dr. Elizabeth Archie, Associate Professor of Biology at the University of Notre Dame, to offer an educational outreach component to the Amboseli Baboon Research Project. I assisted in writing that part of the grant proposal, designed the curriculum to teach high school students how to mass-communicate in the field of Biology, and have sustained the class for fie years now.

February, 2002 issue of T.H.E. Journal, Technological Horizons in Education, feature story


I wrote this article in 2001 after I had essentially “flipped” my classroom.  In the article I discuss uploading content to the site, using the site as a showcase portfolio for students’ writing, and using the site as a place to host written discourse.  I am still doing all of those things today, but now I use a learning management system (LMS) to make the workflow more efficient. You can read this article as a PDF that I scanned, or you can read it at THE Journal’s website.


South Bend Tribune series, My Turn: Wild Inspiration found on canoe trip‘ call


In this writing, I documented a paddling trip that three friends and I took down the Pine River in western Michigan. My friends and I taught together in the Integrated Studies program, and we often took adventures like this one for the sake of team-building and adventure. My friend Jim Schmidt took the photos.


A Cross-Age Tutoring Project: Learning to Appreciate the Written Word


In 1998, I was living and working in Rio Rico, Arizona. Though that year I did not teach any formal E.N.L. classes, I was still working with a population of second-language learners, and I still used my Spanish everyday. That year I instituted a cross-age tutoring program in my classroom after school. The results were marvelous, and this article is a reflection on that project.