Professional Development

In teacher professional development, I have offered sessions on writing instruction, technology integration, and teacher web presence.  I have also produced films in the interest of teacher training. Recently, I returned to the ENL classroom, so my new focus for professional development will be themed on inclusion and instructional differentiation.  Get more information here.

In the summer of 2018, I worked with the Penn-Harris-Madison Human Resources Department and the staff at New Avenues to shoot, edit, and distribute this film about the district’s employee assistance program.   When it was completed, the film was emailed to every employee of the district, and it is hosted on the PHM website.

Since 2007, I have run summer camps either in the PNN Studio  or in South Bend.  My team of volunteers and I take students out into the field to record different subjects. In addition to running successful camps, I have lead professional development sessions that train university professors in best practices.

At the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year, I recorded a session on Student Supervision and Welfare. It is a talk given by Ed Sullivan of the Faegre Baker Daniels law firm.  It was a single camera shoot with some graphic work in post.

Classrooms are fun to cover. The magic that can happen between teacher and student can play very well on tape. That rarely happens when the teacher is out, and a substitute has taken her place. In this short film, I tell the story of how a class functioned when the teacher was not there. Students Chapman & Babcoke collaborated on this story.

This is a simple training film that we shot in a closet at Penn High School. It was a lot of fun to squeeze two cameras on tripods, a boom mic, additional lighting, and the talent into a custodial closet.  Though this is not teacher professional development, the project does aim to train.

With my telecommunications class, I shot a Monday Morning Memo  weekly for the edification of our staff. I worked closely with Penn principal, Steve Hope, for three years on this project.  It was a simple week-beginner for teachers, and we embedded it in a memo document that went out to Penn teachers every Monday morning.  It was not a complicated shoot, and completed most of the graphics in post. Here is one of many.