Mass Media Studies

pnn-studioThe Center for Mass Media Studies is located at Penn High School in Mishawaka, Indiana. Students study and produce mass communications in the PNN Studio and Newsroom. For more information about what PNN does and how they do it, begin with the PNN news site.  The Penn News Network is a class of high school students reporting on the news of Penn High School since the mid 1990s.

The Center for Mass Media Studies is primarily concerned with journalism instruction.

Circa 2001, Matt, Lisa, and Michelle in the PNN Stiudio. Michelle is working on a teleprompter, Matt is directing, and Lisa is enjoying some backlight.
Circa 2001, PNN students preparing equipment for a news show production.

Students who enroll in Mr. McNulty’s classes learn the fundamentals of storytelling, news-gathering, ethics, research, and more. PNN publishes their work to a website and social media channels. The group also maintains the PNN Staff Manual to help students understand principles, workflows, and concepts important to the gathering of news.

For their work in the Center, students are creating showcase portfolios.  These portfolios are electronic and online, and work to meet the requirements of the Indiana Department of Education’s CTE (Career & Technical Education) work-based learning manual.

Classes  include:

  • Radio & TV I
  • Radio & TV II
  • English as a New Language (ENL)
  • Mass-Communication in Science, an Honors Biology seminar class

In summertime, PNN opens to middle school students for the Media Camp, a summer camp where high school volunteers and middle school students work together to tell stories of other camps taking place around Penn High School.

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