Have camera, will shoot.  Have editor, will edit.

Over the summer I try to stay in form by taking on freelance jobs that either get me out into the field or into the editing bay for some multimedia storytelling. Both are fun, creative, and productive. Check out Media Camp 2016 for some of my latest work!

Early this summer I was asked by Midwest Photographics to create a highlights film for a recent dance recital.  Here is that film:

This project was fun. I used Photoshop and Premier to complete it.  I created the thumbnail image from two shots that I extracted from video and then combined in Photoshop. I then added some titles to give essential information. You will find it featured predominantly on Robin’s website.


Here is the web-ready image.  It does not contain the titles because I put them in with Premier.  Though it looks like the trophy is in the stands, it was really shot backstage. Because of the colors and light similarities, it was not difficult for me to make it look that young dance was standing in front of the stage.

I typically get work through word of mouth, and I am not hard to get in touch with. If you have a job you need shot, edited, written, or narrated, please use the contact form to get in touch with me.  Thank you.  -Kevin