Storytelling is the Catalyst

A lot of what I do is tell a story. Whether it is in writing an article, producing a film, or assembling a series of photos, my goal is to inform my audience about what is going on, who it is about, and why it is important.

Professional Development Projects

Projects to which I give my time typically surround secondary education, and they often begin in the PNN newsroom or studio.  Many of them begin in the PNN Studio and end with a published artifact.


Instructional Projects

Since 2001, I have devoted a great deal of instructional planning time to the Penn News Network. In order to produce 90 news shows a year with hundreds of stories, we have to have an apparatus for knowledge-sharing, independent instruction, and growth. Over the years, the students and I have built the infrastructure of a successful news-gathering organization.

In 2012 I traveled to Kenya. I returned in 2013, and since that time I have been teaching honors Biology students mass-communication in the sciences.

Independent Projects

When I shoot films and photos, I use a Nikon D-7000.  I have collected a few lenses over the years, and I enjoy shooting both still and moving pictures with it.


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