English as a New Language

Basic Strategies Development

In this class, students are working early in the process of acquiring


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English. By the WIDA Can-do standards, they are “entering” at level one and “emerging” at level two. In this class we focus on language development in the context of everyday situations with readings from a variety of sources. We also utilize instructional software titles that aid in language acquisition.  Those titles include My Virtual Reading Coach by Mindplay, ESL Reading Smart, and new to 2017-2018, ReadTheory.org.  Each of these applications uses student data and metrics to tailor ENL instruction to the individual student.

International Seminar

The International Seminar class includes students who are “developing” and “expanding” their skills in English. This class works on PBLs (Project-Based Learning Projects) in the PNN News Room and Studio to produce segments for the

World Seminar students shoot a segment called the World Report in the PNN Studio.
World Seminar students shoot a segment called the World Report in the PNN Studio.

PNN News Show called The World Report.  Using the PNN model RUNDOWN and SCRIPT, students in the International Seminar class write and produce stories about what is happening outside the US borders, beyond Bittersweet in other words.  These stories can be found on the PNN World Report website.

This class values the many cultures that come together in the PNN newsroom, and it embraces the experiences these writers have had before they arrived in Mishawaka, Indiana.  By counting these experiences and understandings as valued assets, students are able to publish writing about world events with an authoritative voice.


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