My name is Kevin McNulty, and I teach English, Honors English, and Mass-Media Studies  at Penn High School in Mishawaka, Indiana. I began my tenure at Penn High School in 1998, and have been advising the Penn News Network since 2001.  PNN got its start in the mid-nineties, and you can find us at work everyday at pnn.phmschools.org.

In my role as the teacher & adviser, I manage the television studio, advise the Penn News Network (PNN) organization, make professional development films, and help teachers and students mass-communicate better. As an ENL teacher, I have helped multilingual students gain skills in English as well as help their teachers differentiate their curriculum to accommodate new-language-learner needs.

television program and all the work that goes into it provides a great mechanism to teach language & communication.  Project-based learning is not just a buzzword in the PNN Studio and newsroom, but a way of life.  Every story is a project, and students work in teams to tell those stories.

A lot has changed since 2001. I took over an already-successful program with just one class, so I recruited students and added two more.  With that group of students, we broadened the curriculum to include hands-on learning modules as well a more theoretical curriculum in developing individual media literacy.  We were also making the move from an analog production to digital, and that provided its own project-based learning opportunities.

In the Seminar in Film Literature class students make independent films.
In the Seminar in Film Literature class students make independent films.

By 2005, I introduced the Seminar in Film Literature and Recording Arts Class in a new lab, and through that class we made independent films such as music videos, PSAs, mini-documentaries, and short narrative films. That year we hosted our first of nine film festivals. Since then, we have added a telecommunications class, which is a production class that focuses on shooting daily segments for students, teachers, and the administration.

In the summer time, the PNN Studio stays in production by hosting a media camp.  The media camp uses a cross-age mentoring model to allow for current PNN students to work with middle-schoolers both in the field and in the studio.  The media camp is a week-long news cycle where students are shooting stories in the field Monday and Tuesday, editing Wednesday and Thursday, shooting and posting a news show on Friday.  Sometimes the camp takes place in South Bend, and other years it returns to Penn High School.

In addition to teaching students…

I also work with teachers on a couple of different projects.  Foremost, as an ENL teacher, I host professional development sessions on how to differentiate one’s classroom to help multilingual learners.  As a hobbyist, I also like to work with teachers in using digital technology. I have taught graduate classes in productivity software, web design, and instructional technology integration.  Currently, I work with teachers in using learning management systems such as Canvas, by Instructure.  I help them design blended classes that allow them to meet their students more effectively.

Throughout the years I have produced films for educators as well.  For more information or to get in touch with me, please use the contact form on this page.