Overhauling this Site’s Color Palette

It was time for a change at ktmcnulty.com, so I began with theme and color. This is not big news, I know. We might file this post under housecleaning. But spring is nigh, and so a little housecleaning feels pretty good right now.

If you have not used the Coolors site yet, I recommend that you check it out. It allows you to select a color palette according to your planned aesthetic. I stuck with a complimentary color style and came up with two I liked. Here is the first one, and though it made it through the first round, it did not make the final cut.

You’ll notice that the first two colors are the same as my other palette card and the same as the text and background of this site. I used Coolors to plug in those colors (because they are the theme colors), and then I spun the wheel (tapped the spacebar) for the other three colors. Choosing was fun! I used the color wheel to make sure my choice wasn’t too far afield.

I used Photoshop to begin with my RGB colors, and then, in the end, to edit these color cards for this post and future images on this site. Let’s see if I cannot achieve some sort of cohesion from here on out.

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