German exchange student WordPress blog to keep family updated

Students of Mrs. Harshberger’s Honors Biology class met a foreign exchange student on Thursday, December 8th, who keeps his family updated about his life in America through his WordPress blog.  

Read Lucien Fischer's blog at
Read Lucien Fischer’s blog at

“I use my blog to give my family and friends in Germany as well as other people reading it an idea of how life is like in the US. I keep them updated about things that happen in my everyday life and help them get a better understanding of it by adding photos to my posts.”

Lucien Fisher is visiting from Auerbach, Germany, and he gave members of his audience a tour of his website where he records events of his study abroad in the States. It also helps him in acquiring English.

“One thing that was important to me was to go to an English-speaking country. I love the language and I pictured it to be fun to speak it all the time and to improve my language skills.”

Lucien Fischer shows students in the ABRP how parts of his blog.
Lucien Fischer shows students in the ABRP  pages of his blog.

Lucien is studying at Penn High School this year and will return to Germany in the summer of 2017.

Lucien has always been fascinated by the United States. “When I thought of the U.S., I always had this overwhelming feeling in my guts that just made me want to go there. I felt drawn to the size and culture of the country and wanted to see how iconic ideals like freedom and opportunity show in the lifes of the people.”

As a member of the PNN team, Lucien also tells stories for the Penn News Network.  He is currently working on a multimedia story about other exchange students at Penn High School. Not all of those students keep blogs like Lucien, so he is working to introduce them to the Penn community.

“Things about the life in my host family appear in basically every post. I also share my thoughts about differences between the US and Germany.”

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